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Program Overview

Managing the breast cancer patient today requires specialized training in multiple disciplines, not just breast surgery. Each patient must be approached in a multidisciplinary fashion and care must be coordinated with medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology in addition to other disciplines. Surgeons must have knowledge of current clinical trials and research pertaining to the care of breast disease and how to apply this knowledge to the management of complex breast patients in the clinic. Clinical decision-making for breast cancer patients has become increasingly complex and nearly impossible for the general surgeon to stay up to date. Most importantly, patients want a surgeon who has expertise in breast disease and with formalized specialized training. For these reasons, we have designed a breast surgical oncology fellowship with rotations at both NorthShore and the University of Chicago Medicine with the mission to train the future leaders in breast surgical oncology.


  • Breast Surgery: 6 months
    • Breast Service at NorthShore (4 months)
      • Catherine Pesce, MD
      • Katharine Yao, MD
      • Katherine Kopkash, MD
      • Liz Poli, MD
      • TJ Smith, MD
    • Breast Surgery at University of Chicago Medicine (2 months):
      • Nora Jaskowiak, MD
      • Sarah Shubeck, MD
      • Betty Fan, DO
  • Other Rotations: 6 months at NorthShore:
    • Medical Oncology (1 month)
    • Radiation Oncology (1 month)
    • Imaging (1 month)
    • Plastics (1 month)
    • Genetics (2 weeks)
    • Pathology (2 weeks)
    • Psycho-Oncology/Survivorship (2 weeks)
    • Rehab Post BC Treatment (2 weeks)


  • Weekly Breast Conference
  • Biweekly Breast Service Lecture Series
  • Journal Club
  • Weekly General Surgical Oncology Conference
  • Monthly Breast Cancer Seminar
  • San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Update
  • Biweekly Breast Surgery Research Meeting
  • Monthly Clinical Trials Research Meeting