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Sports Cardiology

A new cardiology program catering to high school and college athletes returning to activity after COVID-19 is now available through NorthShore’s Cardiovascular Institute.

Student-athletes and their parents are expressing growing concerns about myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle that in very rare cases can occur after a viral infection, including the coronavirus, following the collapse of a University of Florida basketball player. Cardiologist Jason Robin, MD, who also serves as a consultant for the Illinois High School Association Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, has reassured parents that the risk of myocarditis for athletes who were asymptomatic or experienced only mild symptoms is very low.

The new Sports Cardiology program is a great resource for students looking to see a cardiologist for clearance to return to sports and/or those who have moderate symptoms including persistent fevers, significant muscle aches, or any cardiopulmonary symptoms and are advised to have a cardiac evaluation before beginning to exercise again.

In addition to Dr. Robin, cardiologists Ronald Berger, MD, John Erwin, MD, Eli Lavie, MD, Brain Shortal, MD, and Michael Waligora, MD, will see patients at CVI Bannockburn, Evanston, Glenbrook, and Gurnee locations.

The CVI team continues to remind the community that telehealth visits are now available and that all cardiology services have been modified to ensure patient safety as it critically important not to delay cardiovascular care during the ongoing pandemic.

Additional Information

To make an appointment at the Sports Cardiology program, please call 847.657.1819 and press 1. These appointments are covered by insurance.