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An integral part of the NorthShore Department of Endocrinology is our Diabetes Research Program. The program is comprised of a team of physician scientists who are board-certified endocrinologists, research nurses and research coordinators. Our team’s overarching goal is to improve the lives of people living with diabetes by conducting and participating in clinical trials. We invite our patients to be involved in research studies that aim to better understand how to individualize our patients’ treatment and explore new therapies for the treatment of diabetes.

Our team of research investigators collaborates with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and Harvard School of Medicine, to understand the role of genetics in the development and treatment of diabetes. We also participate in clinical trials aimed at developing new medications, devices and methods for diabetes care. 

Diabetes Research Registry

We invite all of our patients who have a diagnosis of diabetes to participate in our Diabetes Research Registry. Through the registry, patients will receive updates on current diabetes research and can choose to participate in ongoing research studies.

Personalized Medicine Research

NorthShore investigators have launched novel clinical trials in personalized medicine to examine the DNA architecture that underlies all forms of diabetes. Findings from the trials have the potential to vastly improve diagnosis and treatment for our patients and community. Some of the exciting projects underway at NorthShore include:

For more information on diabetes research, please call 847.663.8510 or email

Technological Innovation

A key part of caring for diabetes is utilizing blood glucose readings to adjust the medication and optimize blood glucose control. At NorthShore, our team of board-certified endocrinologists and diabetes educators offers our patients the latest technological advancements in the day-to-day monitoring of diabetes and advancements in medication delivery.  

We encourage our patients who need regular glucose monitoring to use continuous glucose monitors. This technology allows for a patient to see their blood glucose every 5 minutes on a monitoring device or his or her smart phone without frequent finger sticks. We help facilitate obtaining the device, as well as training our patients on how to use it.

Using a cloud-based platform, patients can upload their glucose readings from their glucose meter or the continuous glucose monitor and share them with our care team. Our educators can develop diet and medication recommendations based off of the information provided. Additionally, at every clinic visit, patients can bring their equipment to be downloaded in our office so the provider can see the latest glucose readings. We are also able to obtain a Hemoglobin A1c by fingerstick in less than 10 minutes at each office visit. These tools are essential for optimal care of diabetes.

Our providers are also well-versed in the latest technology in insulin delivery with insulin pumps. Insulin pumps deliver a constant infusion of insulin and patient-directed doses of insulin to the patient. Many pumps will integrate with the continuous glucose monitors. Additionally, insulin pumps minimize the need for injections.

Staying on the cutting edge of technology allows patients to be in control of their diabetes, make informed choices and learn to make their treatment part of their lifestyle with more ease.