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How Martial Arts Can Help Patients With Parkinson’s Disease

Thursday, September 09, 2021 1:36 PM

Seeing the positive effects first-hand that karate can bring to patients with Parkinson’s disease, NorthShore Family Medicine Physician Steven Eisenstein, MD, is hosting a special event benefitting NorthShore that provides an opportunity for newly diagnosed patients—or others simply interested in karate—to give the martial art a try.

Dr. Eisenstein, who owns a karate dojo in Wilmette and teaches karate in his spare time, will host:

“Karate for a Cause” from 9 to 11 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 12 at the West Park field (3545 Lake Ave.) in Wilmette.

While at the event, participants will learn basic karate moves and gain awareness of its benefits.

“When I lost my brother Bob to Parkinson’s disease in 2017, I was driven to do something to try and help others avoid the pain and disability he experienced,” explained Dr. Eisenstein.“As I practiced karate, it seemed to be the polar opposite of Parkinsonism; karate is dynamic, smooth, loud, and balanced, where Parkinson’s makes a person shaky, slow, quiet, and unsteady. I began a weekly class at my karate school (dojo) using these principles of martial arts to help offset the neurologic problems that tend to progress in Parkinson’s.”

Sign up or learn more by emailing Click here to visit the Foundation’s page. Proceeds will benefit Parkinson’s treatment at NorthShore.

Dr. Eisenstein