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Gynecologic Oncology Surgery

Gynecological cancers are malignancies that get their start in a woman’s reproductive organs. Cancerous cells and tumors can grow in different areas within the pelvis and put women of any age at risk for developing cancer. The most common gynecological cancers include uterine (endometrial), cervical and ovarian. Depending on the gynecological cancer and its stage, surgery may serve as the primary treatment for preventing and/or curing the disease.

Studies have shown surgical expertise in gynecologic oncology performed in high-volume centers leads to a better chance for a cure, especially for patients with ovarian cancer. At NorthShore, our board-certified gynecologic oncologists have extensive experience treating the full depth and breadth of precancerous and cancerous conditions affecting women. In our expansive multi-hospital system, our cancer specialists employ sophisticated minimally invasive surgical techniques including laparoscopic and robotic surgery for the removal of malignant as well as benign masses. This approach results in less pain, faster recovery and minimal scarring. NorthShore has longed featured one of the busiest robotic surgery programs for gynecologic oncology in the Chicago area. Additionally, our surgeons are skilled at performing aggressive surgeries to treat advanced ovarian cancer, which may include surgery on the bowel or bladder.

Our experts also are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in performing lymphatic assessments to determine cancer spread. They use sentinel lymph node mapping to better target the removal of lymph nodes most likely to harbor tumor cells that have moved beyond the primary cancer site (metastases). This strategy reduces the risk for the development of lymphedema and optimizes outcomes for patients.

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