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Clinical Services

The clinical support of modern medicine demands comprehensive and innovative diagnostic capabilities. At NorthShore, we offer a full spectrum of pathology and laboratory medicine services through our three core divisions:

  • Molecular Pathology (DNA testing and analysis), where identifying and unlocking the genetic code found in blood, tumors or other biosamples containing microbes (bacteria and fungi) can result in better diagnoses and more individualized treatment to personalize care.
  • Anatomic Pathology, where microscopic examinations of organs, tissues and cells, such as those collected from common screening tests like the Pap Smear for cervical cancer, help to detect disease and disease progression.
  • Clinical Pathology, where analyzing chemical and biological components of blood, urine and other samples assist in identifying and monitoring a wide range of conditions such as infections as well as hematological, coagulation, endocrine and chemical disorders.

Our vast array of services reflects the latest diagnostic assays and leading-edge technology available. From an expansive menu of immunohistochemistry tests for pinpointing specific biomarkers of disease to novel molecular tests such as the 50 Gene Hotspot Panel for rapidly zeroing in common and rare cancer mutations, we can meet nearly every diagnostic testing need.