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Clinical Pathology

Your physician depends on laboratory tests to evaluate and maintain your good health, diagnose disease and determine the best course of therapy for you. The majority of treatment decisions are based on clinical pathology lab results.

In the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, thousands of tests go through the specialty labs of Clinical Pathology (CP) for efficient processing, precision test performance, accurate interpretation and timely reporting of results to patients and physicians. Every clinical pathology lab has a specific focus, depending on the type of test and its purpose. For example, a strep test to diagnose a sore throat would go to the Microbiology Lab for analysis. However, glucose tests to measure blood sugar levels are sent to the Chemistry Lab. Complete blood count (CBC) tests, on the other hand, are reviewed by specialists in the Hematology Lab.

NorthShore offers expertise in all the key disciplines of Clinical Pathology, including:

This high level of specialization ensures that most laboratory testing takes place in-house, providing outstanding customer service to patients and expert consultation to referring physicians.