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By definition, the discipline of pathology focuses on the study of disease. All diagnostics tests used today came from research discoveries. Innovations in pathology are what turn guesswork into definitive diagnoses to guide treatment and prevention for myriad health conditions. 

At Endeavor-NorthShore, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine conducts innovative translational research studies aimed at improving detection, characterization of disease and personalization of treatment. Employing the most advanced technologies for clinical care, from flow cytometry to FISH and Next Generation Sequencing, we possess the essential tools to work on numerous research priorities of NorthShore’s Research Institute

The majority of our faculty members hold academic appointments at the University of Chicago.  Closely collaborating with NorthShore clinical and basic science investigators in all areas of medicine, members of the department routinely publish in a wide variety of prestigious scientific journals. For further details about publications, see our list of recent work as well as the Google Scholar links are available on our faculty page

We have distinguished ourselves in the following areas of research:

Our robust Biospecimen Repository supports the research activities of in-house investigators as well as researchers outside of our institution.