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Women’s Sexual Health

Providing patients with a proactive approach to sexual health concerns

The NorthShore Women’s Sexual Health Clinic works with patients to anticipate challenges that could arise with life or health changes. We’re committed to helping determine each patient’s needs and goals and guiding them to make informed decisions about their treatment options.


  • Desire disorders (loss of libido or sex drive (HSDD))
  • Arousal disorders (difficulty becoming excited in response to physical stimuli
  • Orgasm disorders
  • Painful intercourse
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Sexual problems related to cancer treatment
  • Sexual side effects from medications or other medical diagnoses, surgeries
  • Intimacy concerns during pregnancy, postpartum, or while breast feeding
  • Intimacy being affected by partner’s medical or surgical issues
  • Vaginismus
  • Vulvodynia/vestibulodynia
  • Vulvar disorders


  • Sex counseling
  • Medical therapy for HSDD  (Addyi, Vyleesi)
  • Management of GSM (genitourinary syndrome of menopause)
  • Medical/hormonal therapy for menopausal symptoms
  • Dilator therapy

NorthShore is dedicated to the whole patient. If needed, our team will help facilitate and coordinate care with NorthShore specialists such as urogynecologists, pelvic floor therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists or oncologists.  

Initial Visit

The initial visit will be one hour long. It may not include a physical exam but could require lab tests. We will discuss priorities and plans for treatment, which may include partnering with other NorthShore specialists.

If you’d like, your partner is welcome to participate in your care. While you are the patient, it is important to address concerns that you feel as a couple may be affecting your sexual relationship.

Our team also collaborates very closely with the Sexual Health experts of the John and Carol Walter Center for Urological Health. They provide treatment for issues such as erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders as well as sexual health counselling and care before and after treatment for prostate cancer. We can facilitate a consultation for your partner with that team, if they feel it would help address any issues contributing to difficulty within your sexual relationship.