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Endometrial Ablation Procedure

For patients who suffer from heavy, prolonged or abnormal bleeding during menstrual periods, a procedure known as an endometrial ablation can help make periods significantly lighter. An endometrial ablation procedure can be done using different methods, such as with heat, a laser or electricity. At NorthShore, we perform a NovaSure mesh thermal ablation, which heats and destroys the inner lining of the uterus, reducing or even preventing bleeding.

Before undergoing the endometrial ablation procedure, patients will be screened for hyperplasia, endometrial cancer and any other abnormalities of the uterine cavity. While there is no age guideline for the procedure, patients should not have this procedure if planning to have a child in the future.

Because this minimally invasive procedure is done in-office with the use of local anesthesia, recovery time is minimal and does not require a hospital stay.

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