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Total Joint Replacement Center

Innovation and Treatment Options | The Patient as Partner | For More Information

Today, people  are living longer with optimistic expectations to remain active, productive and physically fit—at any age—even if the way they live, work and exercise has a dramatic impact on realizing those goals.

NorthShore’s Total Joint Replacement Center (TJRC) at Glenbrook Hospital and Skokie Hospital anticipates and understand those expectations, helping individuals undergoing total hip or total knee replacement receive care tailored to their specific needs. The NorthShore Total Joint Replacement Center has a 20-year history of exceptional patient-centered care with outstanding outcomes.  Additionally, the Center actively conducts research, in collaboration with the NorthShore Research Institute and the American Joint Replacement Registry, with the objective of continually improving the best outcomes for all joint replacement patients. 

Innovation and Treatment Options

NorthShore’s orthopaedic surgeons are leaders when it comes to total joint replacement, offering the latest in advanced, innovative technology and treatment options, including:

  • Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery: Introduced less than a decade ago, this innovative surgical procedure involves accessing the joint from the front (anterior) of the hip versus from the traditional, side or back (posterior) position. Most patients go home the next day after anterior hip replacement surgery and many quickly return to normal activities within a couple weeks with minimal dependence on assistive devices such as walkers and canes. While many people qualify for this surgical option, pelvic deformities or weight and size may not allow for this approach in all patients. Your NorthShore orthopaedic specialist can explain your options and determine if you are an appropriate candidate.
  • Computer-Assisted Surgery: Used in total hip and knee replacement, computer-assisted surgery employs computer monitors in the operating room to aid surgeons with precision alignment of the joint replacement. The result is maximum balance and function of the joint, which translates to the best surgical outcomes for patients.
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Our surgeons are skilled in leading-edge, minimally invasive surgical techniques. This approach uses shorter incisions, which minimizes surgical trauma to healthy muscles and tissues surrounding the replaced joint. After joint replacement surgery, patients usually experience less pain and less blood loss, which helps get them get back on their feet for a quicker recovery.
  • Patient Specific Instrumentation: An image of the patient’s knee and leg can be taken using MRI, which is then used as a blueprint for creating a patient-customized 3-D model of the joint. Using the precise model allows the surgeon to create a customized surgical plan prior to surgery, and also aids in maximum precision alignment of the joint replacement. The varied treatment options for total joint replacement provided to our patients creates a customized surgical experience best suited to their individual needs and condition, resulting in the most successful outcomes.
  • Rapid Recovery Program: This well-coordinated team effort involves surgery and anesthesia, and augmenting minimally invasive surgical techniques and individually tailored pain management regimens. The multifaceted pain management approach for the program includes a spinal anesthetic during total hip or total knee replacement surgery to help speed waking and recovery after the procedure, and oral rather than intravenous medication for pain management immediately following surgery. The Rapid Recovery Program features shorter hospital stays, accelerated post-operative rehabilitation and carefully designed discharge programs to return patients to their active life as soon as possible.

The Patient as Partner 

The Total Joint Replacement Center is patient-focused and patient-friendly. Our multidisciplinary staff is trained to address each individual patient’s needs. We strongly believe the patient is an important member of our team. A comprehensive Patient Education Program is a key element of the Center’s experience. From the moment patients are referred to the Center, they learn about what to expect before, during and after total joint replacement surgery. 

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the Total Joint Replacement Center or to request a consultation, please call 847.866.7846 or fill out the consultation request form.