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Sports Medicine Team

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Don’t let sports-related pain or injury slow you down. The NorthShore Sports Medicine Program includes a broad network of multidisciplinary experts who offer convenient, immediate access for evaluation of acute, traumatic injuries and chronic conditions. Evening and weekend appointments, as well as walk-ins, are available.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Recognized as leaders in their field, NorthShore’s exceptional fellowship-trained Sports Medicine orthopaedic surgeons use state-of- the-art arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques to return athletes to full strength as quickly and safely possible.

This team of orthopaedic surgeons has generated ground-breaking research in new surgical techniques, meaning their patients have access to the most advanced surgical care and rehabilitation protocols available. Our surgeons have pioneered many of the latest innovative techniques used in orthopaedic surgery. They use the same techniques on you as they use on the pros.

Primary Care Sports Medicine

NorthShore's Sports Medicine Program includes a distinctive Primary Care Sports Medicine Program. NorthShore’s board-certified and fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine physicians offer guidance and treatment for athletes in all stages of life. From sports physicals for youth athletes to injury evaluation and treatment, our specialists are trained to address a broad range of conditions from overuse injuries to tendonitis to exercise induced asthma and heat illnesses. Our specialists also offer expert exercise guidance for weekend warriors just starting to exercise or those training for a marathon—ensuring safe fitness progression and injury prevention. 

Concussion Management

The NorthShore Sports Concussion Program includes nationally recognized concussion experts with years of experience in the assessment and treatment of concussions, including the care of professional athletes. We utilize the latest methods of evaluation and treatment for both newly concussed patients and those with lingering symptoms. Our concussion specialists work closely with patients, parents, pediatricians and family medicine physicians, and school systems to create individualized care plans to aid a patient’s return to school and safely back to play.

Sports Health and Performance

A multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive assessments and designs individualized recommendations to help athletes reach peak performance goals through our innovative Sports Health and Performance Program. Highly customized plans include health history, current fitness level and sport specific conditioning, with screening assessments to determine individual injury risk factors. Follow-up recommendations continue to generate improved performance.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians utilize their unique training to focus on return to function and prevention of future injuries by addressing the cause of the injury—not just the symptoms. Our physicians develop personally tailored, comprehensive plans for patients to manage pain, promote recovery and renew strength, including access to video gait evaluations, with specialty programs for runners, dancers, golfers and throwing athletes.

Referrals and Related Services

The Sports Medicine Center offers a full range of related services to meet the athlete’s needs from cardiology, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and integrative medicine. Our multidisciplinary method of care means we can refer patients to the appropriate specialist or program.

For More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the NorthShore Sports Medicine Program or to request a consultation, please call 847.866.7846 or fill out the consultation request form.