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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

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The Development-Behavioral Pediatric Clinic provides comprehensive, family-centered assessment, diagnosis, treatment options, coordination of care and ongoing support for pediatric patients with developmental-behavioral problems. Care is provided from infancy through adolescence, in order to promote success during every stage of life. It is our belief that collaborative, coordinated care is ideal, and physicians and staff members work closely with families, schools, therapists, and other medical providers. 

The  Development-Behavioral Pediatric Clinic physicians and care team are experts in managing a range of developmental and behavioral problems, including:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Developmental Delays, including cognitive, language, motor, social/behavioral delays or impairments
  • School problems: The Development-Behavioral Pediatric Clinic providers work with psychologists, schools and families to help define specific areas of concern and develop appropriate intervention plans.
  • Developmental and behavioral problems related to specific neurological, genetic and metabolic disorders

Our Services

The initial  Development-Behavioral Pediatric appointment generally begins with a physician referral identifying area(s) of concern. Preceding the child’s visit, parents are requested to fill out a New Patient Intake Questionnaire and provide any previous evaluations and/or school records.

Most new evaluations require two-visits which will include a detailed interview with you and your child to discuss the child’s history, developmental and behavioral concerns, and current level of function, direct testing, behavioral assessments, physical exam, and laboratory tests if indicated. All appointments require the presence of the child and a parent/legal guardian or an adult authorized by the parent/legal guardian to speak on their behalf.

The  Development-Behavioral Pediatric Clinic is closely affiliated with other NorthShore providers, including child neurologists, geneticists, pediatric gastroenterologists, audiologists, ENT physicians, neuro-psychologists, cardiologists, sleep disorder physicians, neonatologists, and speech, occupational and physical therapists, so that your child has complete and coordinated care.

We value your time as well as all families scheduled to see us. Please arrive to your appointments on time to guarantee that we are able to see your child as scheduled. Additionally if you can no longer make your appointment please call our office to cancel at least 2 days before so that we may offer this slot to another family.


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