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Get the Test

Who should get the test?

Adult patients (ages 18+) would benefit from the test, particularly those with a family history of cancer and/or cardiac conditions, or patients with an unknown family history.

How do I get the test?

As part of your annual physical or exam at an Endeavor Health Medical Group Primary Care location, you will be asked to complete the Genetic and Wellness Assessment (GWA) prior to your visit. This assessment will determine if you are at risk for certain health conditions and will allow you to request and consent to genetic testing. 

How it works


Schedule your annual physical or exam
Once you schedule your annual physical or exam, you will receive the Genetic and Wellness Assessment via NorthShoreConnect to review and complete.  It will ask you about your personal and family history of certain medical conditions. Based on your responses, you will receive information related to your inherited risk for developing certain genetic conditions. If you decide to proceed with testing, you will need to complete a consent form prior to your appointment.


Complete online consent form
If you decide to proceed with genetic testing, you will be asked to review and sign an online consent form that describes the genetic test and information about privacy. Based on your responses to the assement, if your personal or family history suggests that you are not at risk for developing certain types of cancer, the patient portion cost of this test is $199.  If your responses suggests you may have a higher than average risk for developing certain types of cancer, your insurance will be billed.  


Physician Order
Once you've consented a blood draw order will be automatically placed for your physician to review and sign during your appointment. Please let your physician know during your visit if you prefer a saliva test kit be mailed to your home. You may also ask any questions during this visit or if you would like more information about the benefits of testing, you can schedule an appointment with a Genetic Care Coordinator by calling 847.570.1029.


Simple blood draw 
After your appointment, you can visit a NorthShore lab or NorthShore Immediate Care locations to have a blood sample collected or request a saliva test kit to be mailed to your have a blood sample collected.


Receive your results
Results are typically available 6 weeks after your blood draw. You will receive an email from NorthShoreConnect when your results are available along with instructions on how to access them via NorthShoreConnect.


Create a plan with your doctor
Based on your results, your doctor will help you build a personalized screening plan based on clinical guidelines and recommendations