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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The power of personalized medicine to enhance diagnosis and treatment relies on the knowledge gained from the precise interpretation of test results and leading-edge diagnostic technologies. Each year our multidisciplinary team of pathology and laboratory medicine professionals performs nearly five million clinical tests and 100,000 microscopic examinations of tissue and cells removed via biopsy or surgery. While today’s advances in genomic testing have rapidly accelerated the field of precision medicine, our pathology and laboratory medicine team has been ahead of the curve for decades in the use of advanced tumor diagnostics and DNA analysis to customized patient care.

Featuring one of the most sophisticated departments in the country with a broad array of services, our capabilities encompass all areas of pathology and laboratory medicine including the NorthShore Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. One of the first of its kind to be established in the United States in 1992, our lab has been at the forefront of genomic testing and analysis ever since. Our team of pathology and laboratory medicine experts routinely use the most sensitive DNA-based techniques to deliver individualized healthcare.

Our longstanding strength in the still relatively young field of molecular pathology bridges the extensive testing and diagnostic services of our other two core divisions:

  • Anatomical Pathology, where microscopic examinations of organs, tissue and cells, such as those collected from common screening tests like the Pap Smear for cervical cancer, help to detect disease and disease progression
  • Clinical Pathology, where a variety of methods are used to look at the chemical and biological components of blood, urine and other samples to identify and monitor a wide range of conditions such as infections as well as hematological, coagulation, endocrine and chemical disorders

At NorthShore, we perform nearly all laboratory testing of our patients in-house, which leads to:

  • Expedited results—often within days rather than weeks
  • More rapid treatment and better outcomes, allowing us to quickly identify illnesses and infection
  • Reduced costs by getting the diagnosis and recommended treatment right the first time
  • Direct communication of test results to your physician through our electronic medical record system and to you via NorthShoreConnect