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Low Vision & Vision Rehabilitation

Age-related diseases and visual impairments due to neurological conditions that can lead to low vision and visual processing issues, which can significantly affect safety, restrict independence and limit the ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL), reading, computer work, driving, work and/or leisure activities.

NorthShore’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services provides assessment, training and therapy for people with low vision as a result of conditions including:

Low Vision Conditions:

Visual issues that are associated with the following neurological conditions:

Therapy focus:

Patients meet with one of our experienced occupational therapists during an initial evaluation session to assess their acuity, contrasts sensitivity, visual fields and binocularity and oculo-motor functions and visual processing skills.  The therapist may also conduct an ADL assessment and will determine what activities you are having difficulty with.

Treatment for Low Vision may include safety education, training in the use of adaptive equipment and instruction in compensatory ADL techniques, strategies and techniques to help you compensate for your vision loss and use your residual vision for efficiency and address home safety and function.

Treatment for Vision Rehabilitation will focus on remedial and compensatory strategies, which will include training to improve your visual scanning and visual processing skills, reading, address adaptive computer modifications and strategies to help you remediate and compensate for your visual and perceptual functioning.

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