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Occupational Therapy

Illness and injury can seriously affect the ability to live independently or without pain. Daily activities, such as dressing and driving, can become difficult due to trauma, disease or congenital and acquired deformities.

Our occupational therapists assist individuals recovering from a host of conditions, including:

Under a physician order, our trained professionals perform a comprehensive evaluation to establish individualized treatment plans to meet the specific needs of patients. Treatment strategies to regain function and/or improve life skills may include activities of daily living (ADL) training, teach compensatory strategies for patients with limited vision, as well as energy conservation techniques, manual therapy, pain management and exercise education. NorthShore’s occupational therapists employ therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation when appropriate.

All patients receive customized home exercise programs to support and advance the progress of their in-clinic therapy sessions. Occupational therapists may also recommend ways to improve safety and enhance independence in the home or workplace through modifications such as hand rails or ergonomics. Therapists regularly update referring physicians through direct contact as well as via NorthShore’s sophisticated electronic medical records system.

Our Occupational Therapy services are conveniently located at many of our multiple rehab locations throughout the North Shore and in Chicago.