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Speech Therapy

Difficulty speaking or communicating occurs for myriad reasons. In adults, neurological events due to stroke, brain trauma or neurological conditions, such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease, often can cause language and communication problems.

At NorthShore, our speech pathologists (or therapists) provide expert diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, cognitive, voice (including head and neck cancer treatment) and swallowing disorders. Our speech therapy services include:

  • Speech, language and cognitive rehabilitation for those with neurological conditions
  • Counseling for individuals and families coping with speech and language disorders
  • Evaluation and treatment plans for those with a swallowing dysfunction
  • Treatment for patients experiencing voice disorders due to overuse, abuse or structural/organic problems with vocal cords

Our speech pathologists help patients regain independence by developing tailored treatment plans including training family members to assist patients with maximizing communication independence outside the therapy setting.

Outpatient speech therapy services are available at all of the NorthShore hospitals: Evanston, Glenbrook, Highland Park and Skokie. Caring for individuals of all ages, we also provide speech therapy services for children at our Pediatric Clinic in Skokie. Therapy for voice disorders is provided in Evanston at 1000 Central Street, Highland Park Hospital and in Northbrook at the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Voice Center.