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Enhance Your Appearance

While most people consider a facelift to be the answer to reversing the changes seen in an aging face, there are other options available to achieve improvement in facial appearance.

  • When used in combination, these procedures may enhance the face and transform a tired and aged appearance to a more youthful and well-rested one.
  • When surgical procedures are combined with skin treatments, dramatic improvements are possible that can rejuvenate the entire face.
  • The choice of treatments depends on specific areas of the face that need to be addressed.
  • The proper selection of procedures allows for a balanced and harmonious facial appearance that does not result in an operated or over-done look.

Things you should consider:

As with other cosmetic procedures, if you wish to improve your appearance through surgery—you must have realistic expectations and be willing to have a recovery period during which time you may not wish to be seen in public.

Most importantly, the decision to undergo these procedures should be based only on your own desire and free of pressure from others.

Plastic surgery options for the face include:

Non-surgical options for the face include: