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Concierge Medicine

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Concierge Medicine gives you unparalleled support and access to your doctor 24/7, setting a new standard for personalized care.

NorthShore Concierge Medicine offers a new level of direct, person-centered care for acute, primary and preventative services. Through the members-only program, you get constant access to your trusted doctor who understands your unique health goals and concerns. And if you have a complex health problem, your doctor can help you navigate care.

Concierge Medicine redefines what convenient, personalized medical care means, offering around-the-clock access and support, as well as complimentary services.

Benefits of NorthShore Concierge Medicine include:

  • 24/7, direct access to your doctor via phone and text messaging
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Reduced wait times
  • More time with your doctor during visits to thoroughly discuss your concerns
  • Access to your doctor during Emergency Department and/or hospital visits
  • Complimentary nutrition consults and a customized plan
  • Complimentary genetic testing to identify your health risks and focus on prevention

Request more information

To learn more about Concierge Medicine, fill out the Request Information Form or call us at 224.516.4108.

Memberships are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.