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Orthopaedic (Musculoskeletal) MRI

With state-of-the-art imaging facilities, NorthShore is able to assist in the comprehensive care needed to treat musculoskeletal system conditions. Our team of orthopaedic radiology and musculoskeletal experts handle among the highest volume of sports medicine cases in the Midwest as we are a major referral center for sports imaging. We provide ongoing care for high school, college and professional athletes. 

NorthShore offers the largest fellowship-trained group of dedicated musculoskeletal radiologists in Northern Illinois. Through a highly collaborative approach among our radiology and musculoskeletal experts, we offer coordinated, seamless care to patients.  

At NorthShore, we offer the following musculoskeletal MRI imaging services:

  • MRI – At NorthShore, our team of sports radiologists has vast expertise in MRI of the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, ankle and foot. We offer the highest volume of MR arthrography including shoulders and hips to assess cartilage tears.
  • Cartilage-Specific MRI – Our orthopaedic radiologists are involved in new research in advanced cartilage imaging to detect early osteoarthritis in the athletic and non-athletic populations. 
  • Other imaging procedures – Our team of experts offers various other radiology imaging procedures, including computed tomography (CT), ultrasound and others.

What to Expect?

You can expect for the orthopaedic MRI procedure to take about 30 to 60 minutes. To better visualize the blood vessels, an injection of contrast dye might be given.

How to Prepare for a Musculoskeletal MRI

No preparation is needed for this scan other than needing to remove of all metal personal belongings (e.g.: jewelry, watches, glasses, etc.). You will also need to fill out a screening form prior to the scan to assure your safety.

Note: Patients with pacemakers and certain other implants are not eligible for this exam.

How Will I Learn the Results?

A specialized, fellowship-trained musculoskeletal radiologist alongside your referring physician will review and analyze your MRI scan. This seamless, collaborative approach allows our experts to provide you with timely results.

Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment at one of our convenient MRI locations, please call 888.364.6400.