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The Center for Advanced Imaging aspires to be a world-class facility for translational research investigating new medical imaging technologies and developing effective clinical applications. Led by preeminent physician-scientist Robert R. Edelman, MD, William B. Graham Chairman, Department of Radiology, the Center currently conducts a number of basic and clinical research studies that may have a significant impact on the way patients will be cared for now and in the future. 

These studies focus on the use of magnetic resonance imaging in the development of more accurate and efficient methods for non-contrast angiographic imaging of blood vessels; early detection and tracking of the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease; non-invasive methods to detect, follow and guide treatment of chronic renal disease; studying atherosclerotic lesions to estimate risk of stroke and to guide appropriate therapies for stroke patients; earlier detection and improved characterization of breast cancer; functional imaging of the brain to improve our understanding of the mind-brain connection and to help guide treatment of patients with brain tumors; and imaging of cartilage and sports injuries to provide a better understanding of disease progression and to guide the development of arthritis therapies. 

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