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Breast Imaging

Our Purpose
We are committed to early detection of breast disease and the advancements in women’s health by offering a host of innovative breast diagnostic imaging tests and therapies.  

Our Team
The breast imaging section includes highly skilled radiologists with expertise in the diagnoses of all aspects of breast disease and work closely with the surgery, oncology, and pathology staff to provide cohesive patient care. 

Our Services

  • X-ray mammography – the standard screening study and initial exam for evaluating internal breast tissue and detecting abnormalities
    • Film Screen mammography – the standard imaging method, which is the most widely studied
    • Digital mammography – (available at most locations) offers patients the newest development in breast imaging and offers a better image for women with dense breasts. (The actual images, cancer detection rates and breast compression are similar to standard film screen images.)
    • R2 digital computer-aided detection system – assists the radiologists by highlighting areas for a ‘second look’
  • Targeted breast ultrasound – an additional imaging tool to supplement mammographic evaluations and further investigate areas of palpable concern
  • Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) - a supplemental screening exam to complement mammographic imaging in women with dense breast tissue. Recent studies have shown that ABUS can find some cancers that are not visible on a mammogram. 
  • Breast MRI – a sensitive imaging test to detect early-stage tumors for select patients including patients with dense breasts and a significant family history of breast cancer.  Some studies indicate that breast MRI may provide clinically relevant information in patients with newly diagnosed breast malignancy to delineate the extent of the disease prior to surgery.
  • Breast-specific biopsies using imaging guidance – an alternative to surgical breast biopsies, either to confirm a benign diagnosis or to provide critical information for surgical intervention.  Biopsy procedures include:
    • Minimally-invasive, ultrasound-guided needle core biopsy procedures – uses sonographic imaging techniques specific to a patient’s individual circumstances for real-time visualization
    • Stereotactic needle core biopsy – another minimally invasive biopsy procedure utilizing digital mammographic imaging to sample micro calcifications. 
  • Ductography – a minor procedure for patients with abnormal nipple discharge, enabling evaluation of an abnormal ductal system, using radiographic dye and mammographic images. 

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Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 888.364.6400

Mammograms are available at the following NorthShore locations:

  • Center for Breast Health
    Evanston Hospital
    2650 Ridge Ave. RM 1155
    Evanston, IL.
  • Patricia Nolan Center for Breast Health
    2050 Pfingsten
    Suite 130
    Glenview, IL.
  • Highland Park Hospital
    777 Park Avenue West
    Highland Park, IL.
  • Specialty Care Center
    N. Milwaukee Avenue

    Vernon Hills,IL.
  • Skokie Hospital
    9600 Gross Point Rd
    Skokie, IL.
  • Gurnee ACC
    7900 Rollins Road, 1st floor
    Gurnee, IL.
  • Nordstrom Health & Beauty Center
    77 Old Orchard Shopping Center
  • Chicago Lakeshore
    680 N. Lakeshore Drive, Suite #115
    Chicago, IL.
  • Northbrook Court
    1182 Northbrook Court
    Northbrook, IL.