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Our Purpose

We provide subspecialty interpretation for the full range of brain, spine, and head/neck CT and MR imaging studies.  We work closely with your ordering/referring physician to ensure an appropriate care plan.  We are closely affiliated with a large research team and offer the most cutting edge technology. 

Our Team

The neuroradiology section is fully subspecialized with 8 fellowship trained neuroradiologists certified by the American Board of Radiology with Added Qualifications in Neuroradiology (CAQ).  Neuroradiologists have faculty appointments at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine and are involved in resident and medical student teaching. 

Our Services

  • MR Imaging
    • MRA, MR Spectroscopy, Diffusion, Perfusion and Functional MR
    • .7T high-field open MR scanner – suitable for patients with severe claustrophobia without compromising image quality.
    • Multiple 1.5T MR systems – provides the best balance between patient comfort and image quality.  NorthShore also recently acquired an open bore 1.5T MR for added patient comfort.
    • 3.0 T MR – best for high resolution studies and to detect old hemorrhages
    • Fetal MR – In cooperation with the Center for Maternal and Fetal Health, the Neuroradiology Section supports an active fetal MR program.  The exam typically is performed in less than 30 minutes without the need for sedation.  
  • CT Scanning
    • Carotid Angiography (also known as Cerebral or Vertebral Angiography) - a non-invasive method for evaluating the brain circulation.  This technology is helpful when evaluating intracranial aneurysms or intracranial arterial occlusive disease.  It also provides surgeons with a 3-D roadmap with bone detail. 
    • Venography- a procedure in which an x-ray of the veins, a venogram, is taken after a special dye is injected into the bone marrow or veins. 
  • Interventional Neuroradiology – is for: 
    • Embolization of tumors of the head, neck, skull base and spine
    • Treatment of intracranial aneurysm
    • Vascular malformations and vasospasm
    • Biopsies of the head, neck and spine

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