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About Us

The Research Institute serves as the research arm of NorthShore, supporting the organization’s core mission “to preserve and improve human life” through academic excellence and innovative research. Our research enterprise encompasses a wide range of research activities, from lab-based translational research and advanced imaging to clinical trials. NorthShore supports research for all clinical departments by providing the infrastructure and resources for research, which include both administrative and regulatory oversight of investigative studies.

Our History

NorthShore has long pioneered research excellence. For almost 100 years, NorthShore physicians have been leaders of innovative research to improve the lives of patients. In the 1920s, Drs. George Dick and Gladys Dick developed a toxin for the prevention of scarlet fever, and in the 1930s, Evanston Hospital physician Dr. Louis Sauer developed a vaccine for whooping cough. In more recent years, lab research by our investigators has made a substantial impact on diseases like MRSA, reducing infection rates through the study of preventative screenings and diagnostic testing, ultimately saving the lives of many patients.

Our Facilities

Innovative research needs world-class resources for outstanding clinical and scientific minds to come together. The Research Institute provides infrastructure including two modern buildings principally devoted to clinical and translational research. Each NorthShore research site hosts labs, offices, equipment and additional resources necessary to facilitate a wide variety of research approaches.

Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Building

Located on the campus of Evanston Hospital, the Walgreen Building serves as a critical center for both translational and clinical research programs. It contains offices and lab space for physicians who work closely with their patients and clinics. The Walgreen Building is also home to the Center for Advanced Imaging, which houses 2 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) units utilized in our research and supporting our investigators in every medical specialty.

NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Park Building

The flagship of our ever-growing research enterprise, this building provides collaborative space for clinical and translational research in the heart of the Evanston Research Park in vibrant downtown Evanston.