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Poison Prevention

The best way to avoid exposure to poisons and toxins is through prevention. While not all exposures can be controlled, there are steps you can employ at home and your workplace to limit the risk of exposure. It is important to note that poisons do not always include highly toxic chemicals and substances. In fact, many of our everyday interactions—including food, medicine, plants and insects—can lead to exposure.

At NorthShore, our team can provide you with key tips and resources to help safe proof your home and office.

Poison Prevention Tips

  • Carefully read product labels and directions. Be sure that you are aware of any adverse effects or cautionary recommendations.
  • Be aware of tampered products when doing your shopping. Avoid buying products that have a broken seal, torn label or noticeable packaging defects.
  • Be mindful of your household product inventory. Are products being stored correctly? Are they being properly discarded upon completion? Do they interact with other products that may put you at risk?
  • Be conscientious of your surroundings – both indoors and outdoors. As best as you can, limit your exposure to poisons (cleaning supplies, cosmetics, chemicals, poisonous plants, etc.).

Poison Prevention Resources


The Illinois Poison Center offers a free, online Poison Prevention Education Resource Center. Complete the easy online educational course, and gain immediate access to the resource center where you can download and order free educational materials and presentations.